BBC Sound Effects Library 1- 60

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Apr 26, 2022
Name - BBC Sound Effects Library 1- 60
Audio Files Included - WAV
Bit Rate - WAV: PCM signed 16-bit little-endian | 1411 kbps | 44.1 kHz
Size: 22 Gb


BBC01 General Sound Effects\
BBC02 Exterior Atmosphere I\
BBC03 Household\
BBC04 Interior Backgrounds\
BBC05 Transport\
BBC06 Animal and Birds\
BBC07 Human Crowds, Children & Footsteps\
BBC08 Comedy, Fantasy & Humour\
BBC09 International\
BBC10 Communications\
BBC11 Water\
BBC12 British Birds\
BBC13 Industry\
BBC14 Cities\
BBC15 Natural Atmospheres\
BBC16 Cars\
BBC17 Sport & Leisure\
BBC18 Bang!\
BBC19 Electronically Generated Sounds\
BBC20 Weather I\
BBC21 Weather II\
BBC22 Ships And Boats I\
BBC23 Ships And Boats II\
BBC24 America\
BBC25 Aircraft\
BBC26 China\
BBC27 Babies\
BBC28 Hospitals\
BBC29 Africa The Human World\
BBC30 Africa The Natural World\
BBC31 Equestrian Events\
BBC32 Greece\
BBC33 Adventure Sports\
BBC34 Livestock I\
BBC35 Livestock II\
BBC36 Farm Machinery\
BBC37 Horses I\
BBC38 Horses II & Dogs\
BBC39 Schools & Crowds\
BBC40 Spain\
BBC41 Trains\
BBC42 Age Of Steam\
BBC43 Construction\
BBC44 Cats\
BBC45 Dial 999, Emergency\
BBC46 Ambience Istanbul\
BBC47 British Birds II\
BBC48 Ambience, Crowds\
BBC49 Ambience, Suburbia\
BBC50 Ambience, France Paris\
BBC51 Ambience, London\
BBC52 Ambience, Rural Britain\
BBC53 Ambience, Urban India & Nepal\
BBC54 Ambience, India Pakistan Nepal Countryside\
BBC55 - Footsteps I\
BBC56 - Footsteps II\
BBC57 - Urban South America\
BBC58 Ambience, Guyana, Colombia, Brazil Rural South America\
BBC59 Ambience, Hungary\
BBC60 Ambience, The Czech Republic & Slovakia\

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