Difference between locking thread, but still allowing to create of another

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Apr 26, 2022
Well, recently I was asked by an active member the difference between this and that, I can remember I was asked the same earlier by another user. Locking a running thread can be troublesome for some, allowing creating another thread on the same creates certain conflicts like "then why not the previous one instead of the new?"

While the allowance of creating New Threads depends on your remaining chances/reputation or contribution to the community / existing warning point before getting banned, thought to clarify it further.

Regarding the "Difference between locking thread, but still allowing to create another":

Many sellers create a selling thread, they get lots of responses/feedback/queries, etc and thus their thread becomes quite big which makes them happy. Will a seller ever want to get such a thread locked?? Certainly "No" I guess.

Now, the seller makes mistakes like "different title than what is being sold actually". The thread got reported just like any other faulty thread (there's no hatred by the reporter, they report whenever there's a mistake whoever it is, even if I make mistake, will not you guys report it?? You guys can. So, after the report, a moderator (like me) checks & decides the truthfulness of the report. That's why I state something like "If I find a mistake, I will lock it", as I may not have time to check everything that time, I later check it fully and if I find a mistake - I locked it and warn the thread owner . . .

Now, locking such thread decreases/end the probability of such mistakes caused by the seller again. It even warns indirectly other sellers/thread owners not to make such mistakes in the future as they find other threads getting locked with a warning. So, the message is being delivered to other members or sellers at the same time not to make such mistakes.

Consider it's the same as in educational institutes. "One student fails in exams = so he loses one year = it also punishes and makes the student realize his faults + it also warns other students to maintain their study properly, else they will fail as well or even they will be detained / Banned (here) if such mistakes are repeated multiple times". "If such "Fail/locking & warning" doesn't exist in such cases, how it would be?? Everyone will do whatever they wish, as they are assured that there will be no penalty/loss/banning for any mistakes . . .

Decisions here are all impartial (no partiality), no sympathy (member is helpful to me / helped me financially / reports thread / no personal ego, etc. I treat everyone equally as forum staff. Now coming to "as a normal guy/member" some people know how shameless talkative I am: p: LOL:

Hope it's now clear to everyone "Difference between locking thread, but still allowing to create another": coffee::)
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