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Apr 26, 2022

Introducing Infographics Business Edition​

15 Ready-Made, Customizable Infographics on Business Topics​


If your target audience is business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups then you're going to love this!
There is no shortage of demand for factual and inspirational content in the Business World, and unlike 'Internet Marketing' which is a very small sub-niche, the general Business world is many times BIGGER.

Did You Know?​

  • In 2010 there were 27.9 Million small businesses in the US alone. As of 2014, that number grew to more than 36 million! [SOURCE: Census.gov]
  • Approximately 543,000 new businesses get started each month [SOURCE: Forbes.com]
  • At the start of 2013, there were ~4.9 Million UK private sector businesses, of which 99.2% are considered Small businesses. [SOURCE: Gov. uk]
  • It's not just English-speaking countries. Where we come from, statistically every 1 in 180 people identify themselves as Entrepreneurs in Malaysia [SOURCE: Says. my]
So whether you're targeting small to medium enterprises or big businesses, to say that you have an evergreen audience is an understatement.
Regardless of their business sizes, every entrepreneur turns to factual and empowering messages to grow their business.
And what better way to deliver it in the form of

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